Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Spring is here finally! Winter can suck it, seriously. 

So my friend and I are working on starting an art group website where we can all hang out and draw and make stupid fart jokes. We're just trying to get it going currently, and we're starting out by drawing the Pokemon flavor texts you can find in any Pokemon game. Some of them are pretty ridiculous. 

On top of that, I've joined a Skillshare class, The Art of Visual Storytelling, which is held by Daniel Gonzales, an artist who worked on the Disney short, Paperman. While I haven't been doing the best job keeping up with assignments, the class was only $5, and for that much I'm looking forward to doing the work soon and at least gaining some more knowledge.

Work has left me with little time to do other things; the stress has basically left me with no energy. I have a lot of goals for my art and for myself, and I hope to work towards them this spring and summer. I'd love to get started on an animated short idea I've had floating around for a bit, and I definitely am working towards improving my 3d skills. 

I also draw a ton in my lil' Moleskin while I'm hanging around at work. I realized these doodles don't really ever make it past my Instagram if that (which is a joke and largely for doodles and cat pictures because I'm crazy), so here's some of my favorites. 

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