Saturday, September 3, 2011

Got back from a multitude of traveling adventures. Last July I spent a few days in New York (my first trip there!) all by myself in order to attend the Pixar masterclass with Mattew Luhn and Andrew Gordon. It was a great experience; I learned a lot, especially when story creation was discussed. It's amazing how much thought goes into every little detail in all of the movies that Pixar does.

More recently I got back from Vancouver, B.C. I was attending Siggraph for the second time. Another great experience, and definitely different from last year's Siggraph. I would highly recommend going to this, even though it's pretty pricey for non-students. I always learn a ton, meet new peeps, and of course, bring home a walking teapot. It didn't hurt that Vancouver is a gorgeous city, much prettier than L.A. was. Some of the highlights were getting to see Pixar's La Luna before its public release, a storytelling with color class featuring Kung Fu Panda 2, and many good presentations from ILM.

So in the meantime while I wait to get back to school, I definitely have a lot to work on and think about. Internship stuff, getting a good website up and running, portfolio, etc. I'll try and keep this blog updated; I know i haven't been doing a very good job (if it helps I haven't really been doing much art, due to some recently discussed business).

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