Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just some thoughts

I just started the new quarter (yay?) and so far it's going pretty well. I like my 3D animation class, and it's not as tooth-pulling-painful as I thought it would be.

But I have an environmental science class, and it's making me think a lot more about, well just stuff. The environment has always been important to me. I'm not a tree-loving hippie who wears hemp, and I eat meat. I love meat in fact. mmmmmm. Meat. But I grew up loving animals too; I still do. And I've lost a lot of that with this major. I think that our school and our major especially is very sheltered when it comes to the bigger picture. And I don't want to drop out or give up animation; I love animation. But I have been confused. Maybe Pixar is not what I want? What I want are two different things, and I guess I'm unsure how to combine them, or if I even want that.

mer...... I don't know anymore.

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