Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finally finished my school quarter and ended it with one stressful finals week! But anyway, I still have a lot more school to look forward too......

My next quarter schedule is as follows:

M/W: 3D Animation & Environmental Science

T/R: Fundamentals of IMD (Yeah I have no idea what that stands for, it's basically a beginner's web design class...?)

But lately I've been trying to learn how to skate so I can someday, hopefully get into a roller derby league. It's a fat chance, I know, considering I have the coordination and agility equal to that of a newborn fawn. My parents never really encouraged me to get into any team sports when I was a kid, and that is one thing I regret. All I can really do is draw, which isn't bad, but when you go to school all day to draw, you sometimes want a little more. I am pretty much starting from ground-zero learning skating, but it's a challenge for myself, and it's a good way to escape the frustration and all the same people I see at school everyday. I love it. Even though right now I kinda suck at it.

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